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Here are three spectacular reasons to support JusticeHentai.com!

Reason 1: Art featuring naughty superheroes fighting for hot justice and taking on the BIGGEST baddies!

There is new, exclusive Justice Hentai art released each week*. Our art is 100 percent NEW and created exclusively for the JH community!

(*The number of updates per week is based on overall support. If membership goes up, the number of updates each month can go up!)

Justice Hentai has been in continuous operation since 2009 and, with your help, will continue its mission for many years to come!

Reason 2: A non-profit atmosphere that is focused on superhero fans and drawing their ideas!

You'll find we're not your typical hentai community. 100 percent of all the money we receive goes towards creating new art! The more resources we have, the more art we make! ^_^

And if that wasn't cool enough, most of the art we create is decided by our membership! A lot of other websites claim to have fan driven content, but we have thousands of pages of art in our galleries that prove we really mean it. At JusticeHentai.com, community members can participate in polls which decide who we should draw next! And if you want to see a personal idea made into a sexy 2D reality, commissions are possible for members as well.

Reason 3: Direct signups for JusticeHentai.com are no longer available as of 2023. For a detailed explanation of why this happened, please consult the FAQ. Those interested in supporting the JusticeHentai project can join us at Patreon. Depending on the level of support offered, a patron may also gain access to JusticeHentai.com and its galleries containing thousands of art updates. If this sounds expensive, don't worry! Like Mr. Fantastic, support options are ultra flexible, with the lowest tier only $2 USD.

For convenience, a list of the Patreon support tiers are provided below. And don't forget, we offer an Annual Pass which allows a patron to save 10% on their membership!

Choose one of the payment options below that is best for you!


As a civilian, you are the foundation of Justice Hentai. This is a great option for those who want to stay in the loop with news about art posts and tip the artists for their efforts.

Price: $2 USD.


  • Access to remastered art (Ultra High Definition) posted at our Patreon (hundreds of pages)!
  • News alerts when new art drops!


  • Civilians enjoy Classic Content, remastered JH art in the highest resolution we can offer, but have no super powers! No access to polls or patron-exclusive art. :( You could expose yourself to cosmic rays (not recommended) or consider upgrading your pledge amount (highly recommended)! :)


This tier is for those who want to make a small contribution that won't break the bank and don't need to see the latest JH art as it's released each week.

Price: $5 USD.


  • Everything in the previous tier!
  • Access to NEW, Exclusive Art created for our Patreon voted on by the community!
  • Poll participation! You get a vote in the art we release for the community!


  • No access to the newest art created at JusticeHentai.com. Patrons of this tier will have to wait before that art is shared over at the Patreon.
  • No access to the galleries at JusticeHentai.com, which contain all art we've created since 2009.


You're not the big cheese. Basically, you're Bucky. But someday, you may be a Winter Soldier!

Price: $10 USD.


  • Everything in the previous tier.
  • Access to the newest art created at JusticeHentai.com (will be posted at our Patreon each week).
  • Double Voting Power in JusticeHentai Patreon Polls.


  • No access to the galleries at JusticeHentai.com, which contain all art we've created since 2009.

Tier 4: HERO

Price: $20 USD per month (Don't forget, Annual Hero Pass saves 10%).

As a Hero, your powers let you leap tall buildings in a single bound, but you're not quite ready for flight yet. Yeah, that's right, you're still stuck in Smallville, but someday you'll be soaring in Metropolis!


  • Everything in the previous tier.
  • Triple Voting Power in JusticeHentai Patreon Polls.
  • Direct website access to the galleries at JusticeHentai.com (upon request), which contains all art we've created there since 2009 (thousands of art pages).
  • The convenience to enjoy all our art on the JH Patreon or at JusticeHentai.com.


Price: $30 USD (Don't forget, Annual Sentinel Pass saves 10%).

You may not be Superman, but you're the Green Lantern who has access to all our art, in brightest day and blackest night!


  • Everything in the previous tier.
  • Direct access to the JusticeHentai.com legacy archive containing all art ever created by JusticeHentai.com since 2009 (thousands of art pages). PLUS you will get access to the EnchantedHentai.com legacy archive (1000 pages plus)! Your access to these archives will continue so long as you remain a member of this tier.

Tier 6: LEGEND

As a Justice Hentai Legend, you're truly in a League of your own with peerless powers. This tier is intended for those who want to help us make art for the JusticeHentai community.

Price: $99.95 USD.


  • Access to everything in the previous tiers!
  • Your vote counts QUINTUPLE in JH Polls (5x), reflecting your supreme influence.
  • This Tier is only available by invitation. Our Legends help us create for the community by commissioning art. If a slot becomes available, which is rare, we will inform the community of an opening.

For those of you who are wary about supporting an adult website, we understand how you feel. Before Justice Hentai existed, we were comic fans just like you and had memberships with other adult websites. We saw how these sites took their fans for granted, ignoring their ideas and charging too much.

The way we see it, our website's quality speaks for itself and we're confident that if you do us the honor of joining our community, you'll like what we're about and want to stay. We're very proud of the art we've made, and the community we have, and we hope you'll consider becoming a part of it! ^_^

Now that you know what supporting Justice Hentai is all about, let's show you what we have to offer!

Available Now! (As of 02-28-24 )

Challenge of Steel

Our latest short comic is based on the Superman Animated Series! Superman has defeated Mr. Mxyzptlk at every turn. While the imp schemes, his other- sexier- half, Gsptlsnz, is left alone to twiddle and diddle at home. What and WHO is a gal to do? It's time for Gsptlsnz to test the Man of Steel's powers herself!

Click below to expand an art preview:

CoS Minitage

Gallery Pinups

The Justice Hentai galleries feature dozens of comic book heroes and villains with more on the way! CLICK HERE to see the lineup!

Here's a peek at some of the art currently available in our character galleries. Click on the links below to see the full-size art:

Gallery Montage 2 Like a Boss Spinner

Black Cat and Spider-Man Batgirl Chewing Gum and Taking Selfies Lana Lang and Brainiac

Guardians She-Hulk Buster

Fan Requests

Justice Hentai patrons help decide who we draw next! Winning ideas are posted in the Fan Request gallery.

Want to see your own idea become a sexy 2D reality? Justice Hentai Legends can tell us what sizzling superhero (or villain) action they want to see, and by damn we'll make it for them (within reasonable limits, contact us first before joining the Legend tier.)!

There are 2200+ pages in the Fan Requests gallery!

Click on the links below to see examples of Fan Requests made by our community members:

FR Montage 9 Swift Hand of Revenge High Maintenance Girlfriend Intern

Breaking the Bat Sparking Chaos Eye on You Power Girl

Infiltration Zatanna


Pinups are the backbone of JusticeHentai.com, but our pride and joy are undoubtedly our comics. Click below to read examples of our classic comic pages!

JH2 Comic Sample JH2 Comic Sample JH2 Comic Sample

Tales from the H-Side

Tales from the H-Side is a comic format we created to tell funny, sexy stories that are too good for the single image format of a pinup, but that also don't necessarily support a full comic on the subject.

Think of Tales from the H-Side as a comic series of one-offs and short stories. The flexibility allows us to showcase less prominent characters, not just popular gals like Supergirl and Wonder Woman (though they appear too, of course!).

Below you'll find art from some completed Tales from the H-Side comic updates:

Dream Girl Speedy Perving Poison Ivy's Pervy Plant

Notes for the Future

And that, at very long last, is the end of our preview and tour!

Beyond all this, we've got plans for loads more! More Villains and Heroes for the Gallery! More Fan Requests! More Holiday Specials! Just plain more Justice Hentai!

So for all those who have supported us so far, THANK YOU! We hope you'll be entertained and stay with us for all the beautiful art we'll make each and every week!

For those of you who have yet to pledge, we hope that you will! The amount of content available at Justice Hentai is HUGE and getting bigger every week! ^_^

You can support Justice Hentai by clicking on the "JOIN" button in the menu. Or just click the link below!


Thanks for reading and for your support!


Justice Hentai

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